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Executive Search and Staffing Solutions

A working executive is a must for a company to thrive on an autopilot system. Goal-driven senior executive is found in time by Karuna IT. We will take a thorough measure of screening to confirm in an authentic voice to recruit the short listed executive.

What is the process of screening done by Karuna IT?

First of all, there is a face-to-face discussion and thereafter verification and background check before resume is forwarded to a client. Upon approval, applicant is once again called for interview by the client. Upon satisfaction the final decision of recruitment is made. Every stage of functioning, processing and selection is done 'according’ to the 'requirements' of' the client and there is an excellent coordination in the system of executive recruitment.

What is best in the interest of our clients is pursued and further decision making policies

We adapt and implement a procedural code of conduct to identify the SWOT analysis and take a final concrete decision to go ahead and recruit the executive. What is best in the interest of our clients is put to pursue ahead and further decision making polices are at the behest of our clients. Since the beginning of the process till the stage of recruitment, there is a perfect and excellent chain of communication that delivers timely and prompt flow of information from one end to the other.

Karuna IT clarity in the process of screening

Our values the requirements and needs of clients as the most top priority. Admeasures all aspects in the screening procedure before forwarding the portfolio of applicants. The candidature is thoroughly verified, tested and checked before it is further put to processing. While administering, every measure of care to find out about the proven expertise of the applicant there is a complete understanding in the assessment and examining of profiles of applicants.

Karuna IT has wide expertise in offering Staffing Solutions and these include:

  • Staff management
  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Staff evaluation
  • Staff counseling

We accommodates all peers

Staff management at junior and middle level is done with perfection and excellence. With the long track record of service in this field, KBS has gained expertise in explaining, understanding and solving the grievance of staff. Every service to our client needs is done with optimized care.

We work on accelerated growth

Maintaining all credibility and understanding, Karuna IT Services has many tools to ts credit to implement and gain over for system pitfalls. The efficiency and strength of a company exists in managing staff.
Trained staff delivers better output and results, because of the fact that, the employees are perfectly equipped with communication skills and better resources in self-development and staff data management.

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