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About Us

Karuna IT Services is an emerging branded leader led by a team of IT professionals with professional experience. With vast and extensive IT qualifications, the team is enforcing its innovation as a consultant, service provider and project support developer. Catching up with needs and requirements of the global and domestic business solutions that are IT and ITES enabled has been the chief objective of Karuna IT services. Our strategy for building a virtual network is done with proven-profitable elements and factors. Karuna IT services confides, upholds and makes every project and system wheel-driven and targets timely supply and delivery of projects and tasks.

Our Value Propositions

The hour of the need is to act in time and Karuna IT services implements it duly all the challenges to fix the applications. We value the reliance empowered by our clients and we work to deliver high-end solutions. Result oriented, long-standing productivity and goal-driven projects keep our strength strong to stay as a market leader.


Meeting the near-end requirements of our clients and successful compliance in IT environment has earned our mark respect. Services ranging from IT projects, support, develop and building manpower network has given us long-term credibility, trust and win-win alliance both in India and abroad.

Recruitment Services

Our clients choose us for the professional and talent research we undertake for establishing efficient workforce. IT and hospitality sector clients are constantly searching new young professionals who wish to deliver the best in a respective cadre of employment.

Project Support Development

Karuna IT Services takes care of the projects to ensure 100% accurate and efficient functioning. Doing with perfection has been a regular chores and most common practice. Identifying the need and fulfilling it in time is done leaving no waiting time.

Our Mission

First come first serve is our mission as we follow it as our mission. Being part of IT industry makes us feel more responsible to deliver with promptness. Every day put us back to work and we accept the day-to-day challenges and bring solutions.

Our Vision

A Karuna IT service foresees the vision of successful brand in IT services. It further forecasts to step-up by taking all of its credit and success to reach the highest level moving on powerfully with excellent rating and feedback from IT clients. Innovative leadership with successful driving spirit to undertake and resolve the issues with professional accord will keep us stay ahead in IT industrial platform with diligence and efficiency combined with professional skill and talent.

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